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2020 Storms,Lock Down , And Happy Accidents

Well what a year its been so far ! Forgotten but not forgiven: Brexit , the storms, and floods.Now lockdown is with us, in all the fury of this chaos it is easy to become focused solely on the problems that arise. All artists are aware of so called "happy accidents ", where

they have mistakenly done something unintentional to their work, that actualy improved their work.There might well be unintentional positive effects to us all from this,despite the overwhelming tsunami of the negative effects.

Being unable to travel far from the local area , I have been revisiting local haunts and reviewing old " failed " paintings. I found some overly fussy ,heavily overpainted canvases

and was about to get to work sanding them down,when I accidentally dropped a pot of white acrylic paint over one of the canvases,and rubbed the paint off.This revealed a far more interesting art work that was partly the original drawing with some interesting relief achieved from thick paint marks.I have repeated this process on several paintings with mostly positive results, so one mistake has lead to a whole new series of paintings.Some

of the results are shown below.

I hope that I continue to have the occasional "happy accident".

Tryan From Pen Yr Ole Wen.

Storm Dinas Dinlle I

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